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Jen and Kim (from Sioux Falls, SD)

posted Jan 24, 2012, 7:36 AM by Wolf Wolfram

Leon & Robin,
We just wanted to thank you for making our trip through Idaho extra special!  We appreciated that you took your time to visit with us.  You gave us many insights on beer tasting which we will carry as we pursuit our brewery tour of America!  It was very difficult to chose a favorite; all your microbrews were wonderful and unique.  We will definitely try and make it back to Idaho Falls again on day when you are actually open! 
Thank you so much and hope to see you again!
Jen and Kim (from Sioux Falls, SD)

Review by Booze Food Traveler on 12/24/09

posted Feb 4, 2010, 1:18 PM by Lisa VanHorn   [ updated Feb 4, 2010, 1:20 PM ]

Found on Yelp, posted 12/24/09 by Booze Food T

Located in somewhat of a warehouse district of Idaho Falls, ID, this is a wonderful little find.  I am a booze connoiseur and tough on microbrews (I find most to be too sweet and syrupy) , but this place is great.

They have a wonderful selection of beer and there is definitley something for everyone in their flight.  I did the sampler platter (see picture) and if my memory serves me correct the order was:

Pale Ale
Scotch Ale
Brown Ale
Summer Lager
Summer Ale

My favorites were the Pale Ale, The Summer Ale, The Brown, and then the Stout in that order.  I also love breweries that experiment and try new things, in this case the Idaho Brewing Company has created a "Scotch Ale".  While I love the adventure and idea of a "Scotch Ale" (my two favorite drinks), this tasted more like beer flavored champagne then actual beer.  Not bad, but not my taste.  It also rings in at about 8 or 9% alcohol where most of the others are in the normal 4 or 5% range.  

Robin and Leon Wolfram (the owners) are really, really nice people and they are there to serve you most of the time.  Leon is the master brewer and obviously knows good beer as well as how to treat his customers.  He came to the table more than once to make sure we were happy and have everything we needed.  They don't serve food, but you are welcomed to bring your own.  You are also welcomed to bring your dog, there were more than one in the bar tonight.

Here's the best part: A pint of beer is $3.50 to $4 and the sampler is $7!!!  Wow!  Okay, I live in Los Angeles so I'm used to a warm $7 beer poured into a plastic cup by a bartender with a bad attitude (oooh, I'm an acter or actress and I'm just doing this until my big break, pouring beer is SOOOO beneath me....) so this place had my attention from the very beginning.  This is a place for beer, not wine, not booze, not food.  They do one thing and they do it well.  Great beer, great prices, poured by great people in a simple place.  5 stars.

IdahaBlue Review posted on 7/17/09

posted Feb 4, 2010, 1:14 PM by Lisa VanHorn

IdahaBlue posted review on 7/17/09

There's a new brewpub in Idaho Falls, the Idaho Brewing Company. The pic below is of their seven offerings, and Brewmaster Leon, who was happy to explain in detail how he crafted the brews.

He explained the processes, the types of malts, hops, all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, after trying the sampler platter, it seems my memory of the evening is not that crisp.

The Hefeweizen had a fair amount of banana, and some clove, per Leon. I picked up the banana, not the clove so much. My fav was entitled "Scotch." Really nice malty flavor, and 8% alcohol. The rest were in the 4-5% range. Had a couple of good pale ales, and had a decent stout. Leon recommended I try the stout last, as "the malts in it will coat your mouth and affect how you taste everything afterward." So I saved it til the end, and well worth the wait.

Aren't bottling it, yet. They don't serve food, and aren't sure whether they will. Don't want to get overwhelmed.

Have a nice outdoor seating area, and a pleasnt bar, tables, couches, and a fireplace inside. Hope they do well.

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