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IdahaBlue Review posted on 7/17/09

posted Feb 4, 2010, 1:14 PM by Lisa VanHorn
IdahaBlue posted review on 7/17/09

There's a new brewpub in Idaho Falls, the Idaho Brewing Company. The pic below is of their seven offerings, and Brewmaster Leon, who was happy to explain in detail how he crafted the brews.

He explained the processes, the types of malts, hops, all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, after trying the sampler platter, it seems my memory of the evening is not that crisp.

The Hefeweizen had a fair amount of banana, and some clove, per Leon. I picked up the banana, not the clove so much. My fav was entitled "Scotch." Really nice malty flavor, and 8% alcohol. The rest were in the 4-5% range. Had a couple of good pale ales, and had a decent stout. Leon recommended I try the stout last, as "the malts in it will coat your mouth and affect how you taste everything afterward." So I saved it til the end, and well worth the wait.

Aren't bottling it, yet. They don't serve food, and aren't sure whether they will. Don't want to get overwhelmed.

Have a nice outdoor seating area, and a pleasnt bar, tables, couches, and a fireplace inside. Hope they do well.